Hire Autism

Hire Autism connects job seekers with autism to businesses in need of their skills. Our job board allows you to post a job for these candidates, review their profiles, and contact applicants directly. Our Resource Center also contains resources to help better inform you - the employer - about what to consider when hiring and working with a person with autism.

Employer Benefits

Hiring capable individuals with disabilities is not just about promoting good will. It is good business. Not only will you have a skilled worker contributing to your bottom line, your customers and clients will notice and approve. Statistics related to hiring a person on the autism spectrum indicate that:

  • 92% of Americans view companies hiring people with disabilities more favorably.
  • 87% would prefer to give their business to companies who hire people with disabilities.
  • 5% would be willing to switch to a brand associated with a good cause if price and quality were relatively equal.

Why Hire Persons With Autism?

Hire Autism job applicants are ready to contribute to your bottom line. Employees with autism tend to be punctual and very responsive to schedules and sequenced tasks. In addition, they:
  • Have lower or equal absenteeism rates compared to other employees
  • Are detail-oriented, disciplined, honest, and reliable
  • Perform repetitive tasks efficiently and analyze problems from unique angles
  • Often excel at number-crunching, systematic thinking, software testing, and other tasks requiring an analytical mindset
  • Are creative, talented, and innovative
  • Contribute to workplace diversity, morale, retention, and corporate culture

Partner With Hire Autism

Hire Autism is looking to collaborate with businesses like yours to give you continued access to our highly qualified pool of talent - at no cost. We offer three kinds of opportunities for businesses looking to support the mission of Hire Autism:

  1. Partners: Businesses that pledge to post regular job openings. Partner logos are highly visible throughout the Hire Autism website and on our print materials. Partners are also provided an “Autism Friendly Business” badge to use on their website and other marketing materials.
  2. Supporters: Businesses with occasional job openings to share on our jobs portal
  3. Donors: Others that may not have jobs to offer, but will donate in-kind resources and volunteers.

Pledge your company as one of our autism-friendly businesses today. Contact us for more information.


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Resource Center

What is autism? What kind of jobs can a person with autism do? How can I work best with employees with autism? What are accommodations? Your questions are answered right here in our Resource Center.
  • Autism 101

    Not sure you know enough about autism? The basics are listed here for your convenience.

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  • The Autism-Friendly Workplace

    What you can do to foster a welcoming work environment and enhance the job satisfaction and quality of life for your employees with autism.

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  • Interviewing Your Applicant With Autism

    How to approach the interviewing process in a way that best allows your applicants with autism to display their qualifications and strengths.

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  • Training Your Employee With Autism

    How to guide your employees from their first day to a bright future with your business.

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