General FAQ


What is Hire Autism?    

Hire Autism is an online jobs portal that provides job seekers with meaningful employment opportunities commensurate with their skills.  Through Hire Autism, job seekers with autism can search, save, and apply for jobs, create a unique profile, and browse resources for the workplace. In addition, businesses can post jobs, search for and contact candidates, and browse resources related to working with employees on the autism spectrum. 


Who runs Hire Autism?

Hire Autism is a project led and run by the Organization for Autism Research (OAR). OAR is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization formed and led by relatives of children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. OAR is dedicated to promoting research that can be applied to help families, educators, caregivers, and individuals with autism find much-needed answers to their immediate and urgent questions and supporting programs that offer to enhance their quality of life. 


How do I use Hire Autism?

For job seekers:  Start using Hire Autism by creating your very own account. After you’ve created your account, you can make your Hire Autism profile. Your profile contains information about your experience and the types of jobs you’re looking for. Your profile will act as your Hire Autism resume when you apply for jobs in our jobs portal. You can search for jobs using any keyword in the search bar on our main page, or at the top of any Hire Autism page.   


For businesses:  Sign up for a Hire Autism job poster account. After you sign up, we will verify your account information and approve the account. Following approval, you may create your business profile, post jobs, and browse Hire Autism candidates.  


Are there any costs involved with using Hire Autism?

No! Hire Autism is free to use for both job seekers and businesses. 


I forgot my password for Hire Autism account.  What should I do?

To retrieve a lost password, please click here and type in the email address you used to register with Hire Autism. You will receive a notification email to reset your password.    


How can I delete my Hire Autism account?

We are sorry to see you go! To delete or suspend your Hire Autism account, navigate to your profile page by clicking your avatar at the top right corner of the page. At the bottom of your profile page, there are links to delete or temporarily suspend your account.   


I'd like to contribute to the Hire Autism blog.  Whom should I contact?

We love to have as many different perspectives as possible in the Hire Autism blog. Whether you are a self-advocate, parent, or job coach, we are open to hearing your ideas! To pitch an idea for a blog post or recurring blog series, contact    



For Job Seekers 


Do I need an account to apply for jobs?

Yes! Registering is quick and easy – and all your information will be secure. You may register for a Hire Autism account here.


How do I create an applicant profile?

To create a profile, first you must register for a Hire Autism account.  Afterward, you will be able to customize your name, location, background, skills, education, work experience, and many other fields. This will act as your your Hire Autism resume. Your information will be kept private unless you specify otherwise.


What kind of support can I receive from Hire Autism?

If you are not sure about what to write in your Hire Autism profile, Hire Autism allows you to request support from our staff. By requesting support, your contact information (name, phone number, and email address) will be sent to us. We will follow up with you personally to answer any questions you have about resume-building. Your information will be kept private from any outside parties. To request support, go to your profile page and click the Request Support button at the bottom of the page.

If you have any other specific questions, please email 


I am currently employed, but looking for information on how to succeed at work. Where can I find this information?

For information on how to succeed at work you can go to our Workplace 101 and Maintaining Long Term Employment pages. These pages are continually updated with tips on how to work effectively and keep your long term job.  



For Employers


I am looking to hire a person on the autism spectrum, but have little knowledge about autism.  Where should I start?    

Our Autism 101 page will explain the background information on autism and information you’ll need to know as a supervisor.  This page details the benefits of hiring an individual with autism and outlines some workplace accommodations you can make to help any employees with autism who may need them.  For more detailed information on accommodations, visit The Autism Friendly Workplace page. 


I’d like to post a job on Hire Autism.  How do I do that?

To post a job, you must register for a Hire Autism business account first. You may do so here. After registration, Hire Autism will personally verify your account. After your account is approved, you can create your company profile, post a job opening, and search our applicant database.

Have a question that’s not listed here? Email us at for an answer!